Self-Care and Self-Development

How can we care for our community and the world around us if we don’t care for ourselves first? Self-care is anything but selfish, as it allows you to make healthy changes – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Explore what brings disharmony or dis-ease into your life, and what creates balance, healing and well being. Take time to listen to the wisdom of your body.

Elisa will share with you theory, personal experience and simple, effective self-healing techniques to support your body, mind and spirit. Courses are individually tailored to nurture and enhance your relationship with yourself and others, whether in your personal life or in the workplace. Experience a brighter, healthier you!

Courses Outlines

  • "Exploring the Elements Within Us":
    Self-Care Workshop
  • “Healing in Motion”:
    Self-Care Classes
  • “Compassion Fatigue”:
    Service Provider Workshop
  • “People Do Matter”:
    Team Building Seminar

"Exploring the Elements within Us”:
Self-Care Workshop

Facilitator: Elisa Peterson

This 1-day Self-Healing workshop offers you an opportunity for rest, healing and self-discovery. Exploring your Inner-Self is an opportunity for you to develop a more balanced approach to your health and well-being. In a warm and welcoming setting, we will explore:

  • the 5 Element System- wood- fire- earth- metal- water- developed in ancient China, as well as, the corresponding colours, seasons, emotions, body parts, organs and personality types of each element
  • how the characteristics of each of element are expressed uniquely within each member of the group
  • how the natural, cyclical flow of the 5 Elements nourishes us, maintains internal balance and allows healthy changes within us
  • self-healing tools such as qigong, massage and acupressure for you to use at home to support your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health

The changes you allow within yourself help create a brighter, healthier you and community!

"Healing in Motion”:
Self-Care Classes

Facilitator: Elisa Peterson

This weekly series offers a confidential and welcoming environment for people wanting to make lasting, healthy changes in their lives.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to:

  • explore what brings disharmony or “dis-ease” into your life and what creates balance, healing and well-being
  • “tap in” to the wisdom of the group to learn from one another
  • learn valuable self-healing techniques such as qigong, massage, acupressure and breathing exercises to support your unique needs

Discover how you can actively participate in your health to create a more balanced, joyful existence.

“Compassionate Fatigue Support”:
Service Provider Workshop

Facilitator: Elisa Peterson

This interactive workshop is offered to workers who provide support services to clients and are experiencing the effects of “Compassion Fatigue.”

During this workshop, we will explore as a group:

  • the concept of “compassion”
  • how we are moved or triggered by one another’s stories
  • how does this affect our emotional, mental and physical health
  • where and how do we carry emotions and thoughts in our body
  • simple and effective self-healing exercises to support your physical, mental and emotional health

Give yourself the time to listen, honour and heal your body daily. A “healthier you” means a healthier client and community.

“People Do Matter”:
Team Building Seminar

Co-Facilitators: Elisa Peterson and
Sean Hannon, Managerial Consultant

This course is offered as an In-Service to every team, whether in the office or on the field, that wants to bring out the best in each member to create a healthy, productive and vibrant environment.

Participants will explore as a group:

  • The Chinese Medicine –“Five Element System” to understand our personalities
  • How the personality of each team member interacts
  • What are expectations and standards of each team member
  • What do we look for in “good leadership?”
  • Team dynamics through “role-playing”

Understanding and valuing each team member is essential to the overall success of your team. People do matter!

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