The journey is
a reward in itself.

The following people have honoured me with their words, which I consider to be a true gift. Thank you.

I am delighted to commend to you Elisa Peterson a certified CFQ Instructor of dynamic Qi-Gong. Qi-Gong is an energy healing art that began six thousands year ago and is about journeying into self discovery, healing, and overcoming adversities in life. The CFQ way simply but surely puts life back into the body and restore wellness and profound peace.

Metta, Chok C. Hiew
CFQ Founding Trainer

Elisa is a true healer. She has beautifully integrated her expertise in many healing therapies with her passion for teaching qigong. The result is a unique experience that will create an opportunity for you to heal, grow, and transform your life. Elisa's open heart and old soul wisdom is the perfect companion for your journey. Enjoy!

Dr. Jason Loken, RMT, ND
Naturopathic Doctor
Author of "The Letters That Moved the World"

Elisa Peterson is an extraordinary teacher. Her remarkable ability to impart her knowledge, skills and wisdom about qi-gong in an engaging, caring and gentle manner brings me back to her time and again. From each session with Elisa, I have gained new insights to further my understanding of qi-gong. The beautifully simple practice of qi-gong has taught me how to quiet my mind and live more fully in the present. I am forever grateful to Elisa for enabling me to bring “better karma” into my life.

Charlene Dulacka,
Retired high school principal

When studying CFQ Qigong with Elisa many preliminary thoughts became truth reinforced by the gentle movements of CFQ. Elisa is a thoughtful, energetic and very knowledgeable teacher who practices what she preaches. That is important as we are what we think, do and continuously and with passion include in our daily living.

Traude Karia,
- Qigong Student

Elisa Peterson is a very gifted healer and facilitator. She effectively uses her acquired knowledge and intuitive skills to empower one on their healing journey. As a counsellor, I would not hesitate to refer my clients to her.

Claudia Otto
- Addictions Counsellor

I have been practicing Qigong for the past two years on a regular basis. My journey has been a subtle yet effective. The practice of this meditative discipline is slowly bringing me to a new place of self-awareness, sometimes uncomfortable to deal with but necessary to knowing my true self. On the other had I have experienced periods of great joy and freedom.

Qigong has become an everyday routine and one that I look forward to. It’s a great way to start and end my day.

- Qigong Student

In Honour of CFQ and teacher-mentor, Elisa Peterson.

Cosmic Flowing Energy flowing through my veins
Reaching to cell memory releasing the pain
So gently yet profoundly deep healing to my core
Opening up the spirit through many healing doors
Trusting implicitly letting go of muck
Knowing that the grace is flowing as I become unstuck
Thank you Loving Energy that is gifted when I was born
To lead me to enlightened pathways
In the Light which is adorned.

- Energy Healer and Qigong student