Your journey begins with
a single step.

Elisa offers classes, workshops and seminars throughout the year to support your unique journey. These teachings provide you with a dynamic approach to help you discover how to bring healing into your life. Check this page often for updates.

"Exploring the Elements within Us”:
Self-Care Workshop

Facilitator: Elisa Peterson

This 1-day Self-Healing workshop offers you an opportunity for rest, healing and self-discovery. Exploring your Inner-Self is an opportunity for you to develop a more balanced approach to your health and well-being. In a warm and welcoming setting, we will explore:

  • the 5 Element System- wood- fire- earth- metal- water- developed in ancient China, as well as, the corresponding colours, seasons, emotions, body parts, organs and personality types of each element
  • how the characteristics of each of element are expressed uniquely within each member of the group
  • how the natural, cyclical flow of the 5 Elements nourishes us, maintains internal balance and allows healthy changes within us
  • self-healing tools such as qigong, massage and acupressure for you to use at home to support your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health

The changes you allow within yourself help create a brighter, healthier you and community!


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