about elisa

compassion. connection. change

Elisa Peterson

My vision is to offer you, the community, a welcoming, safe and compassionate space where you can slow your mind, feel your body and connect with its healing resiliency and wisdom.

I encourage you to come take the time to listen to your body to rediscover healthiness and wholeness inside. I am here to hold the space for new possibilities, as you build a new relationship with your body and you find what it means to feel settled, safe and alive in your body.

My Guiding Principles

Compassion: allows me to see myself in others, consider how my actions affect others and experience the relationship nature of healing.
Connection:  to my body’s guidance and wisdom; listening to my body’s unique cues; understanding how awareness plays an integral role in healing the body.
Change: offers a new way of being in the body, a dynamic and fluid relationship with myself, my community and the earth; change is healing.

Information and Questions?

My journey
I was well into my adult years when I realized how disconnected I had been from my body for so long. With the support of my community, I began exploring the impact that early childhood and ancestral trauma had on the health of my body and spirit.

This was the beginning of a valuable healing journey that continues today: I learned to trust and consider myself; I learned to create and honour my boundaries; I found pieces of myself long forgotten. I understand the value of being in a compassionate, connected relationship with myself and others.

As humans we are wired for connection. Each day I am reminded that when we connect with others with a foundation of compassion and understanding, we are empowered to make healthy changes in ourselves and our lives.

  • MEd Candidate, Simon Fraser University, Graduation 2023
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, 2018
  • Registered Massage Therapist, 1995
  • Certified Qigong Instructor Certification, 2008
  • Parent and Mother of 4 for 30 years, School of Life
Experience Highlights
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, SEP offering compassionate, one to one support to help those impacted by the effects at stress, adversity, and trauma
  • Trauma-Informed Massage Therapy for 28 years with a focus in chronic stress management, healthy living and stress-related conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Sexual Trauma
  • Massage Therapy Senior Instructor at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, BC
  • Therapeutic Qigong Instructor- Mindfulness & Meditation in areas such as Seniors Active in Living Program (SAIL), Personal Growth & Development and Women’s Addictions Recovery
  • Child Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Workshop Facilitator for Little Warriors
  • Attended “Sexual Trauma, Sexual HealingSE Masters Training with SE founder, Dr. Peter Levine

Elisa is a true healer. She has beautifully integrated her expertise in many healing therapies with her passion for teaching qigong. The result is a unique experience that will create an opportunity for you to heal, grow, and transform your life. Elisa’s open heart and old soul wisdom is the perfect companion for your journey. Enjoy!

Dr. Jason Loken, RMT, ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Author