healing in circle

celebrating interconnectedness, building relationship

What is a Healing Circle?

A Workshop, Seminar or Presentation:  A healing circle can be a class, workshop or perhaps a personal healing session: it’s a warm, welcoming gathering that brings people together for individual healing and group wisdom. With body-centred exercises such as gentle breathing, qigong, journaling and personal reflection, we start a conversation with our body that listens and honours its guidance.

An Approach: In circle, we learn and heal collaboratively in relationship with our self and our community. We value the wisdom each person brings to heal individually and collectively build a stronger whole. We co-create new possibilities for understanding our self and the needs of others.

Healing: Understanding and experiencing connection to our body and how we are interconnected with one another builds the foundation for making changes to our healthy individually and growing a vibrant community.

Being in Circle means

Compassion: listening, witnessing without judgment.
Connection: building safety and trust, developing boundaries
Change: finding the courage that allows for new possibilities

Everyone is Welcome

Developing connection and relationship is about learning how to be present to the new possibility of each moment, a life-long lesson we ALL continue to practice. Elisa provides a warm, compassionate and trauma- sensitive environment grounded in safety and respect.

What is Somatic Qigong?
Qigong is a 5,000-year-old healing practice in “moving meditation” that teaches gentle easy-to-learn, body movements and breathing exercises. Somatics honour a body-centred approach to healing that helps us build body awareness and pay attention to its cues and guidance so that our body can heal and thrive.

Somatic Qigong brings together the body wisdom of somatics with the ancient healing practice of Qigong to  honour our body as a wise healer and teacher. It improves our whole-body health by allowing our innate body intelligence to heal while restoring the flow of “qi” or life-energy to our body. Taught individually or in groups, Somatic Qigong supports healing through a gentle, compassionate and respectful relationship with our body.

Benefits of Somatic Qigong:

  • builds inner calm and resilience
  • reduces effects of chronic stress
  • balances and harmonizes our emotions
  • self-regulates our nervous system
  • helps the body recover from acute trauma
  • supports mental: anxiety and depression



Do I have to share in front of others?

When in circle, you decide and how and when you are comfortable sharing. Whether you choose to express in silence and with words or gesture, your decision is respected. 

What is whole body health?

Whole-body health considers our well-being to be an evolving conversation between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. We value the individual role that each plays and understand that by nourishing a compassionate and connected relationship between them, we build a healthier, more resilient whole.


I am delighted to commend to you Elisa Peterson a certified WHQ Instructor of dynamic Qi-Gong. Qi-Gong is an energy healing art that began six thousands year ago and is about journeying into self discovery, healing, and overcoming adversities in life. The Wisdom Heart Way simply but surely puts life back into the body and restore wellness and profound peace.

Metta, Chok C. Hiew, PhD

WHQ Founding and Trainer